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"Top 3 Pieces of Advice for Achieving an Elegant Gym Look"

Choosing an Elegant Gym Outfit

  1. Pay Attention to the Quality of Your Activewear

  1. When choosing an outfit for a training session, one of the most important things to consider is the quality of your garments. Prior to making a purchase, consider checking what materials the piece of clothing is made of. Garments with a higher percentage of nylon tend to be of a higher quality and have more of a buttery seamless feeling to them when compared to those made with 100% polyester. If you are just in the beginning stages of creating your workout wardrobe, keep in mind that it is always better to own less clothing from premium brands rather than lots of low-quality garments from ultra fast fashion stores. It is incredibly frustrating when one buys a pair of leggings for a tantalizingly low price which then visibly deteriorates after every wash. A common problem you might face when training in a cheap activewear set is the material being too thin and see-through and therefore it could deviously expose underwear lines as well as make the colour of your undergarments visible to others. If you are making a purchase at a physical store and you are trying clothes on, I recommend you to do a couple of squats and high jumps in the fitting room to make sure that a pair of new workout bottoms does not slide down or make your underwear visible when you move.

2. Avoid this Activewear Trend that Fitness Influencers promote

Unfortunately, it is incredibly common to see young women working out in tiny shorts and sports bras that barely cover their chest. Regardless of what is trendy these days, avoid wearing leggings with a scrunch and/or markings and seams under and around the glute area. These types of garments look tacky, draw excess attention to the area and do not belong in an elegant lady's wardrobe. Instead, choose a pair of leggings or shorts that will modestly highlight your figure and fit your body well.

Your Hair and Makeup

1. For a well put together and elegant look it is essential to keep your face and hair looking fresh and clean. Choose a hairstyle that compliments your facial features and allows you to move freely. My personal favourite is a high sleek ponytail as it only takes a couple of minutes and looks more polished than a popular amongst gym goers messy bun.

Ideally, opt for a hair tie that matches your hair colour or a stylish scrunchie in the same or similar colour to your workout set. To makeyour hairstyle even more practical, you can use clear eye brow gel or a wax hair stick to tame baby hairs and prevent them from getting in your face during a sweaty session.

2. When it comes to makeup and workouts, there are just 2 options to consider if you want to have a classy appearance.

The first option is to embrace a natural look and have a completely makeup-free face. Perhaps, this option is best for cardio, cross-fit classes and intense weight lifting sessions.

The second option is opting for very light makeup with no foundation coverage. It is up to you what types of products you use; I recommend tinted or clean eye brow gel, a little bit of mascara and liquid blush. This combination helps me feel and look my best without worrying about getting smudged makeup or staining my clothes with beauty products during training.

Remember, the goal is not to be red-carpet ready when you are heading off to the gym but rather to feel confident, fresh and put together. I promise you that even a 3 minute self-grooming routine before your training session will not only help you be more classy but will also boost your confidence and productivity.

Choosing Elegant Accessories

Accessories can significantly elevate even the most plain gym outfit. Consider purchasing a stylish water bottle, a practical yet delicate gym bag and a set of pretty resistance bands and gym gloves if you use those to train. Avoid buying cheap plastic water bottles, especially if they feature juvenile prints or tacky slogans. Not only do they lack durability and will not last you very long, but they can downgrade your entire look.

In Closing...

By embracing these pieces of advice, you will effortlessly become the most elegant version of yourself during you training sessions. Whether you practice weightlifting, yoga, running or other gym-related activities, I wish you to always feel and look your best!

And, Ladies, I do want to point out that on those days when achieving elegance ideals might be more challenging, simply try your best and don't loose you confidence or poise if you spill coffee all over your light blue leggings on your way to the gym or if your sports bra doesn't perfectly match with your leggings.

Yours Sincerely,

Maiia Z. V.

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